Inotex and Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co. Ltd. represent a vertical-integrated partnership that offers manufacturing, design, and logistics. Every step of the process is responsibly managed and carried out in-house with a defining commitment to achieving competitive pricing, high quality, and reliability in delivery. Our vertically-integrated business model allows us unprecedented flexibility while ensuring quicker turnaround times. From growing our own raw materials to dyeing, cutting, sewing of fabric and designing and branding, we can execute all processes in-house without the complications inherent in third party involvement.


We build successful domestic brands and designs seamless solutions to connect retailers with overseas markets. We grow our own cotton, source, manufacture and deliver quality goods worldwide.


We are-

communicators, designers, problem solvers, strategists, producers and programmers from around the world. Sharing the passion for creating meaning content that resonates between our clients and the community.


What we do


Global Sourcing and Manufacturing

We specialize in offering raw materials, fabric, knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing. In addition to lowering cost risks drastically, while having the ability to responsibly source and streamline the production process through our rooted network of factories.


Brand cultivation and visual storytelling

On top of designing menswear, we strive to develop an authentic brand voice for our client's apparel. Our design team executes all digital and print content, focusing on enriching brand experiences for the audience.

Wholesale and supply chain management

We are EDI compliant, and we currently work with retailers of all tiers when selling through our wholesale operation. Our distribution center in California affords us quick and seamless fulfillment and replenishment of any size purchase orders for retailers.