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Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd (JSLF) was founded in 1955. After nearly 60 years of continuous development, JSLF has grown into a large vertically‐integrated, high‐tech enterprise that now covers spinning, yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing, piece dyeing, heat production and garment manufacturing businesses. Lianfa’s main productions are in yarn-dye, piece-dye, knits, yarn spinning, shirts and pants. The company produces 180 million meters and 60 million meters of yarn-dye and piece-dye per year, respectively. Lianfa produces 18,000 tons of knits per year and 25,000 tons of yarn spinning per year. For garments, it produces 10 million shirts and 3 million pants per year. Lianfa has now established itself as the second-largest textile mill in China. 

The company occupies an area of about 700,000 square meters and has more than 6,000 employees. Its annual sales total nearing 800 million dollars. In April 2010, JSLF made another milestone by successfully enlisting itself in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Lianfa’s headquarters is located in Haian County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, which is situated along the shore of the Yellow Sea in the Yangtze River Delta economic center.

As we have many locations worldwide in Europe, Asia, South and North Americas,  we realize Lianfa Textile's is more than just a manufacturing company. We are quickly becoming a leading player in designing cultural significant lifestyle brands aiming to take on the global market. . With a massively successful in-house brand, in addition to being the 2nd largest mill in China, there is a deep concern for social responsibility and environmental well-being as we are the global connector

“Responsible sourcing is a serious matter to us.”


Providing resources manufacturing and delivery.



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Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd. and its branches take a great deal of pride in their employees, acknowledging them as the foundation of their success. They do more than just strictly adhere to ethical codes of conduct, Lianfa Textile emphasizes cultivating healthy, democratic working environments by compensating its employees fairly and hosting community-building events for their employees to enjoy. Lianfa is also a culturally-rich environment and provides numerous facilities for its employees, such as dance halls, arcade rooms, internet cafes, supermarkets, hair salons, basketball courts, and so much more. For their strong commitment to creating a family-oriented atmosphere among their staff, Lianfa has earned many awards over the years as well.


Lianfa always adheres to the principles and standards of the highest quality. Since 2003, all production equipment gets upgraded periodically, and more than 70% key production items are made from Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The advanced machinery makes Lianfa up to date and technologically sound in the industry. Along with that, Lianfa has reinvested its earnings into developing water and waste solutions and owning power plants and recycling facilities to maximize the output of products.



A main feature of Lianfa Textile is its sample rooms. Lianfa’s team of designers and developers, experts in technical fabrication and fabric research, can take concepts and designs and perform a full analysis from beginning to end on how to effectively streamline the cycle of production. With these specialized sampling facilities, we are able to- Provide customers with an encyclopedic reference guide for fabrics, Expedite the product cycle’s production stages, Design efficient and competitively-priced supply chain management solutions, without sacrificing quality, Pinpoint and immediately correct an possible production issues during sampling phase before mass production, Guarantee firsthand processes and techniques used to develop prototypes will be directly translated to mass production and JSLF also boasts impressive lead times—90 days for China, 120 days for Bangladesh, 115 days for Cambodia, and 100 days for Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Factories

1Haian Lianfa Garments Co. LTD.jpg

Haian Lianfa Garments Co. LTD

Producing men's woven shirts, pants and kidswear

Capacity: 230,000 pcs/month

Huaian Lianfa.jpg

SIYANG lianfa garments co. ltd

Producing men's woven shirts

Capacity: 100,000 pcs/month

Bangladesh Factory.jpg

bangladesh akh lianfa garments co. ltd

Producing men and women's woven shirts

Capacity: 600,000 pcs/month

Nantong Lianfa.jpg

Nantong lianfa garments co. ltd

Producing men's woven shirts, pants and kidswear

Capacity: 185,000 pcs/month

Bangladesh Factory.jpg

huaian lianfa garments co. ltd

Producing men's woven shirts

Capacity: 60,000 pcs/month

Nantong Lianfa.jpg


Producing men's woven shirts

Capacity: 165,000 pcs/month

Bangladesh Factory.jpg

CAMBODIA lianfa garments co. ltd

Producing men's woven shirts and pants

Capacity: 250,000 pcs/month