Royal Oak is a premium sportswear brand from world-leading fabric development innovators and visionary design and branding specialists.

Our mills are renowned within the industry for their high-end fabrics and innovative research into garment construction techniques, and for over 60 years we have operated behind the scenes (manufacturing apparel for J.Crew, Massimo Dutti, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Uniqlo…). Now after decades of preeminent apparel development, Inotex, a transformative branding and design company, along with Lianfa Textile, has launched an in-house lifestyle brand suited for the modern man. The Royal Oak brand strikes the perfect balance between timeless elegance and modern verve. Sophisticated in its design and with motion comfort fit, the brand embodies the distinguishing features essential for the ever-changing sceneries so integral to the active professional lifestyle.

It is perhaps that we are a vertically-integrated group that allows Royal Oak to offer something that has rarely been offered before: superior quality with distinctly energetic designs for exceptional value. Where at one time we wore high-end attire for only special occasions, Royal Oak now offers an entire wardrobe to be worn wherever and whenever. This is what our long and storied history in fabric manufacturing has allowed us to achieve.
 And more than just a single entity, we are regarded as one of the largest conglomerates in world and a cultural driving force with an unmistakable aim: Royal Oak is to go global. With its premier craftsmanship and a flair for compelling designs, Royal Oak aspires to break boundaries and conventions, while elevating its position to the forefront of the fashion landscape."



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