The #NoFilter concept originated as a response to the overuse of photo enhancement features in popular culture. That response led to questions about meaning and awareness: How can you be an individual but part of a whole? How can you fit in while still standing out? A group of Asian-American designers and merchandisers sought to find the answers to these questions. They began to see #NoFilter as a question, a challenge, and a way of life. The concept translated into fashion, becoming its own unique brand that combines the best of the West and the East.

Difficult to explain and enigmatic in itself, the #NoFilter brand explores the meaning of identity in a digital world. A Binge-watching Seinen anime on an iPad to Variable Kick-flips in L.E.S Coleman Skate Park and flooring it in tungsten grey Mustang to New York City's hottest underground party scene, #NoFilter isn't limiting itself to any insulated lifestyle. It's about enjoying the best of all worlds without prejudice. It's about being decked out in clothes you can chill in and still hit up a lit party with.